White Dove
Market & Grill

59 Loring Avenue
Salem, MA 01970
Phone 978-744-3143
Fax 978-744-7649

Open 7 Days a Week - 6:00am to 11pm

FREE DELIVERY to Salem State College only
Monday - Friday
11am-3pm & 5pm-11pm
Minimum Order $5.99

Authentic Middle Eastern foods at Bargain Prices

Freshly cooked chick peas pureed with sesame paste (tahini),
 lemon juice and garlic.

The perfect veggie burger! Made of fava beans, chick peas, parsley,
 onions and seven exotic spices.

Thin slices of beef, marinated, skewered and
 cooked to perfection on a rotisserie.

Kafta Kabob
Extra lean beef & lamb chopped with fresh parsley, onions and spices.
 Skewered and barbequed.

Baba Ghanoush
Charbroiled eggplant pureed with lemon juice, garlic and sesame paste.

Chicken Kabobs
Fresh tender pieces of chicken breast marinated in lemon juice,
 garlic and spices, skewered and barbecued.

Other Great Foods

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Specialty Sandwiches Cold Subs
Combos Vegetarian Menu
Salads Dinners
Specialty Plates Breakfast Sandwiches
Full on-line menu coming soon!

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